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I applied through an employee referral. The process took 3 days. I interviewed at Amazon (Bengaluru (India)) in March-2017.


The interview comprises of about five rounds which are as follows:
1.HR (Mass screening round)

This is basic introduction and to discuss your familiarity with profile you are applying for, you are actually tested for knowledge and fluency.

2.Verdant test

This is the communications test quite simple voice and verbal ability is checked if you are attentive
 then it is piece of cake.Please try the trial online to get a better idea.

3.Watson glaser test
 This is the critical reasoning test it involves questions which need analytical thinking.

4.Ops 1
5.Ops 2

Both are quite hard as they are tough to get through you need to stay calm and come well prepared to understand scenarios and think wisely and explain your role at Amazon.

Interview Questions

  • They asked what exactly do you think your role at amazon is?   2 Answers


The negotiation was simple the salary is actually sufficient.

Amazon 2017-03-30 08:16 PDT


I applied through an employee referral. The process took 3 days. I interviewed at Amazon (Hyderabad (India)).


First stage is the jam round where you have to speak for a minute about any topic. Don't mug up something, speak fluently and confidently.

Then you have the versant test and Watson test.

Last round is the operational round where you'll be interviewed by a couple of managers. The managers who interviewed me were very chill and didn't give me a tough time.

HR at Amazon is probably the worst you'll experience, just be ready for them, the are too uptight, rude and don't bother about your experience. Interview process is tedious, they'll make you wait for hours between two rounds.

Interview Questions

  • What do you know about the trms role?   2 Answers


They didn't give any room for negotiation. Just threw a offer at you. It's extremely disappointing that a person who failed the interview thrice (and got in on the 4th attempt) gets almost twice your package, just because he has experience and you are a fresher.

Amazon 2017-03-27 01:54 PDT
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