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  • Hi well we were going over our mock spanish paper last week and i got 15/20 which I was happy about. The problem is I am a perfectionist and the teacher's comment was that I didnt have enough "nice" phrases.
    I included things like lo bueno es que and pienso que but is there anything else I should be including. BTW I am on the AQA board if that even matters


  • Best one to learn is Ojala fuera- If only I was (imperfect subjeunctive). then follow it with a conditional. I think ojala has an accent on it

    Also continuous tenses are easy if you know how to use them
    And perfect tenses- such as I have gone he ido can be made from all tenses by changing haber- habia ido (with accent on i of habia-computer wont insert them) means I had gone

  • Learn things like cuando era pequena and try to use as many tenses as possible. Also once you have said a phrase dont use it again too much as you probably wont get any more marks for it. Well done for the 15/20 in a mock- it is near impossible to get 20/20 i got 17/20 in the real thing and ended up with an A* in it. Are you taking Spanish next year? x

  • Work Experience in Spain with Spark

    If you are interested in work experience in Spain then why not think about doing it at Spark. We are looking for individuals with special talents who can offer their skills in return for discounted Spanish courses as well as free accommodation in our cultural residence, Sparkville. Particular skill areas we are interested in include:

      • Languages besides English, Dutch or Spanish to translate pages of our website
      • Artistic and creative abilities to design or revamp areas of our school.
      • Marketing or IT experience.
      • Working with children and support assistance with our school groups.
      • Any skill which makes you unique and special :).
      • See the type of work done here.

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    Key aspects


    July to September: 210€ a week, includes:

    • General Spanish Course 20 classes a week.
    • Single Room shared bathroom. Upgrade to single ensuite +25€ a week.
    • Cultural Activity Programme*2
    • Tutor to push professional development throughout.
    • Reference reflecting performance.

    Other Months: 110€ a week, includes:

    • 5 one to one classes.
    • Lodging in Sparkville. When groups here, would be sharing with other work experience students or spanish teachers. When no groups here is a single room.
    • Tutor to push professional development throughout.
    • Reference reflecting performance.

    Both programmes

    • Have a one off 25€ registration fee.
    • Long Stay discounts: 5% 3 weeks, 10% 4 weeks, 15% 8+ weeks.
    • Tutor to push professional development throughout.
    • Reference reflecting performance.
    DurationWe recommend a minimum of 4 weeks to get full benefit of this programme.
    We will provide you the opportunity to work 3-4 hours a day here at Spark to show off your talent!*1
    AccommodationWe will provide you with FREE accommodation at Sparkville for the duration of your stay. Unfortunately we cannot provide meals.
    Minimum age16
    Maximum ageThere is no set maximum age, however normally this programme best suits 16-25 year olds due to nature of the work experience tasks.
    IncludesAfter you have completed your work experience we will provide you with a certificate for your Spanish course as well as a reference for your future employees for your great work!
    Key Benefits for you* cheaper way to learn
    * gain work experience.
    * Receive a work reference.
    * Tutored throughtout by work coach expert.
    * Develop effective work habits.

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    *1: work timetable may be spread about i.e. more hours one day and less others. Could at weekends at times.
    *2: Spark organizes activities. Costs like food, drink, entrance tickets and transportation covered by student. Work experience students may not be able to attend events that clash with their work time.

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