Module 14 Lesson 2 Mastery Assignment Definition

Module One Lesson Three Mastery Assignment Part II: Beowulf Wri±ng PromptIs Beowulf a hero? Why or why not?Is Beowulf a hero? Why or why not? Beowulf is adored and admired throughout the poem as an epic hero. Although, many see him as a hero Fgure and a role model, he shows and represents his true being. He shows the characterisTcs of having a conceited nature. By only Fnding and seeking glory for himself he is looked upon conceited. He is selFsh for the act of not giving credit to those who had helpedand aid him in his ba±les and wars. His characterisTcs and true being is not what a hero is but a selFsh coward.He represents a conceited nature as he elevates himself above the people in his surroundings in order to bring an eventual glory to his name. He even watched one of his own men die in order to understand a be±er connecTon of Grendel. He used that opTon to Fght him eventually and receive the glory only for himself.

What You Get:

All I needed was a little "Style Know-How"

That's all you need, too! In this course, you will learn how to:

Imagine walking into ANY store and being able to pinpoint the clothes that look good on you immediately. These are clothes that suit your style! They will work perfectly with your existing items and you'll be able to use them in SO MANY outfits.

Then, you walk into the fitting room to try them on. No longer will you stare at yourself in the mirror for five minutes wondering if those jeans fit you. After Outfit Mastery, you will be know immediately - saving you both time in the fitting room and money because you will be buying clothes you'll want to wear all the time!

You know when you look good - when an outfit makes you feel spectacular. You just aren't able to pinpoint why it works so well.

After these two modules, you will!

You'll pull your favorite shirt off it's hanger and know that exact pieces in your closet that would look perfect with it. Not only matching the color, but also using the shape and draping of your outfit to perfectly fit your body and look polished and pretty.

You have an event or an important meeting. You're stressed because you want to make a good impression, but you don't have a thing to wear. You need a new outfit!! AHHHH!!

You rush into the store on your lunch break or while the kids are gymnastics, tearing your way through the store in a mad rush to find what you need.

Breathe a huge sigh of relief. This will never happen to you again! With Module 5, you'll learn exactly what you need in your closet for any look. You'll craft a shopping plan so that you can finally use your clothing budget with intention.

Instead of buying anything off the shelf, you'll have what you need in your closet because you'll LOVE every piece of clothing in there!

Imagine walking into any place confident about what you're wearing and knowing that you look amazing. I'm so excited to join you in your journey!

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